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Supporting Breastfeeding Families

Celebrate your journey! Support others in reaching their nursing goals.

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When you support LLL USA, LLL USA can support families. Together we help babies breastfeed.

Ruthie M. writes:

As a first time mom, I had read up on nursing, what to eat to help your supply, when to expect your milk to come in. The basics. But honestly, I naively just thought, "How hard can it be? Everyone breastfeeds."

Then my milk came in. I remember feeling like boulders were on my chest, like my skin couldn't stretch any further. I remember learning to hand-express. In the weeks that followed, we struggled through oversupply and fast let down. We also had her tongue tie revised.

As a first time mom, I just didn't know all of the things I didn't know!

With lots of support, we got through it together. We're now seven months breastfeeding strong!

Each year, volunteer LLL Leaders respond to over 150,000 requests for information or support from new parents in the USA. You can help support the training of new Leaders by making a donation now.

You support LLL USA. LLL USA supports families.
Together we help babies to breastfeed.
Thank you!

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